Friday, March 25, 2011

Project in Acrylic - Part II

4. Cherry Blossom Theme:
I was thinking about Hugo and last year in Tokyo with him. We caught the last of the cherry blossoms together and it was one of my best holidays ever. I was feeling so bad about the destruction of one of my favourite cities, I wanted to paint my most beautiful memory of it. The character is not japanese though - it is the chinese character 'ai' which means love. Shout out Hugito-san and wishing health and peace to my friends in Japan.

5. The Phoenix Sun:
I had just watched 'The Way back' with Ranjan uncle and Rita aunty in Pune and there is a scene where the escapees were crossing the Gobi. The shot was so beautiful and also what struck me was that without any shapes to distract the horizon the colours of the setting sun did actually set off like stripes in the sky. Made me also think about a road trip Rak and I took from California to Phoenix to spend the weekend with Teeky.

With this cover, I was becoming more 'bold' and I decided to incorporate very strong strokes to get a deep texture as well as to capture the chaos that ensues on the boundaries of the colours mixing in the sky. If you zoom in, you will see that it really is not a very 'fine' painting and yet I am very satisfied with the fury of the strokes and the overall 'calm' result of the scene.

6. Peacock Tales:
In order to take the concept of utilizing the flap better, I thought it would be interesting to incorporate a classic 'peacock on a tree' theme. The peacock was an obvious choice as I could utilize the space with the tail and balance the immense amount of yellow I decided to use with the deeper colours of the peacock and the tree.

When I was looking for a photo theme, my vertical torans jumped out and I thought 'Bird on a wire' was an apt theme for this acrylic peacock.

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