Saturday, March 23, 2013

Last Lap

This week we are taking some major decisions for Sapney. We are looking at what we have learnt and how we are going to grow. Today is the day of number crunching - power point making and business plan reviewing --- eeek! So to keep this poor soul going I turned to my favorite ally - MUSIC!

After having commiserated with several friends about working on saturdays (you know who you are!) I thought it would be nice to share the same music through the day. So, I have made a youtube playlist of my itunes playlist (er...) so we can all listen to this music and get happy together!

Last Lap Playlist on Youtube

Here is my playlist to get things rocking and hopefully rolling along.
Name Artist
Life In Technicolor (Dualist Bootleg remix) Dualist Inquiry
Good Time (feat. Carly Rae Jepsen) Owl City
I'll Be Yours Those Dancing Days
Change of Seasons Sweet Thing
Manja Amit Trivedi
Nothing But Time Opus Orange
London Breeze (Navigatorz Mix) The Mothership Orchestra
Miracle (Beatbox) Matisyahu
5 Years Time Noah And The Whale
Kasio Taru
Main Kya Karoon Nikhil Paul George
2 Atoms In A Molecule Noah And The Whale
Subha Hone Na De Mika Singh, Shefali Alvares
Satellites The Cinema
Let's Go Home (Sound Remedy Remix) Carousel
Alright Supergrass
Des Mera Indian Ocean
Love Love Love Avalanche City
Meethi Boliyaan Amit Trivedi, Mili Nair
Battlescars The Travelling Band
Keep The Girls Away Teen Daze
Good Reggae Music Torch
Summertime Rocks Smoke (Ashu & Dhruv)
KikliKalerdi (Punjabi version) Amit Trivedi , Pinky Maidasani 
Kyon Papon, Sunidhi Chauhan
May Belle Epoque
Life Is Crazy Shankar Mahadevan, Uday Benegal
Folk You Junkyard Groove
Udaan Amit Trivedi
Dreams Passion Pit
London Paris New York Ali Zafar, Sunidhi Chauhan
Darkmatter Andrew Bird
Let You Go Junkyard Groove
The Rafters Moby
Magenta (WAY YES Remix) Slothpop
Police Dogs Bonfire Lazyboy
Tropisms The Soft
Look On the Floor (Angel City Extended Remix) Bananarama
No Turning Back Sound Remedy
Medicine (Sound Remedy Remix) Daughter

Happy Listening!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Flesh and Bone

It has been over a year since I wrote and writing again - typing again - feels so vital, so organic that I wonder now why I stayed away.

The last year and half  - okay - 3 years - seem to have happened to another person altogether. I feel like I was stuck in Fringe-verse and AltMona just found her way back up the rabbit hole.

H.e.l.l.o. W.o.r.l.d.

I have missed you and I have missed myself.
This is me - in the now - in the vital verse - in flesh and bone.
I long to see the outcome of the new hidden me-s that must have emerged in this time and I feel certain we are all going to get along like a house on acid!

This year I promise to find what I have lost once again and make friends with all the facets that are there old and new. To that end - I am going to start writing - once a month is my target but I hope to express much, much more.

Time to discover what I am made of! Time to discover the giant men we descend from inside.

The song that started it all - Killers - Flesh and Bone:

I've gone through life white-knuckled
In the moments that left me behind
Refusing to heed the yield
I penetrate the force fields in the blind
They say I'll adjust
God knows I must
But I'm not sure how
This natural selection picked me out to be
A dark horse running in a fantasy

(Flesh and bone)
And I'm running out of time,
(Flesh and bone)

He faces forward,
Trading in his blindness for the glow of love,
And time is raging, may it rage in vain,
And you always had it, but you never knew,
So boots and saddles, get on your feet,
There's no surrender, 'cause there's no retreat,
The bells are sobbing, in this monster land,
We are the descendants of giant men.