Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Viral Love Story...

Indie bands using viral videos to gain visibility is not new but this particular one is unique. It is essentially an online love letter that went viral and the story is one that I absolutely had to share!

This video was done by Walter May in November 2010. When Walter knew that his girlfriend was going across the country for graduate school, he made this video as an online love letter for her. His friends just happened to be the band The Daylights who helped him write the song and put the video together.

Besides being a fantastic video which you really should share with everyone you know - this is a really interesting exercise in viral marketing. Walter asked all his friends to put a gag order on his girlfriend on facebook and other social media so she wouldn't hear about this song from common acquaintances.

He posted the video on a Monday and asked all 132 employees in his company to put it on their facebook, twitter and blog pages. By the end of the day, the video had >45,000 hits. Katy Perry heard about this and loved it so much that she posted it to her Twitter account and with that the popularity just skyrocketed. This video went viral so fast that it popped up in his girlfriends feed in just 2 days!

Of course the fact that the song is great, the story is wonderfully romantic and the video is smart helped make this viral exercise so successful. So here's a lesson for long-distance romance -- ahem ---
1. Write a fantastic song (or find friends in a good band)
2. Make a really cool video
3. Get the attention of a celebrity

so easy na....... ^^

Do purchase the song from iTunes or Amazon for $0.99.

... And most of all share this love online with your loved ones.....


  1. I love it, I love it, I love it!!
    Innovative and Fresh.
    ah yes - super sweet too.